Atlantic Collection Agency employs a comprehensive list of services to ensure our clients the highest possible rate of collection. The types of services rendered to each account vary. Our collection professionals will determine the best course of action given the particular circumstances of each account. There are no fees for any of our services; the collection process is entirely covered from phone calls to legal action.

As health care specific collection experts, insurance reprocessing is one of the services we provide that is overlooked and not offered by many collection agencies. The ability to re-submit a claim from our offices on our clients’ behalf to insurance companies has proven to be a significant source of consistent revenue for our clients. We are constantly progressing and developing our services to best-fit advancements in the health care industry.

Services provided by ACA include:

Credit Bureau reporting

Our agency reports outstanding balances to all three credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, TransUnion. Typically we wait 30 days after placement to affect debtors credit scores but this time period can be extended or shortened per our client’s request.

Letter campaign and phone contact

As soon as an account is turned over to our office a letter is generated and sent to the debtor notifying him or her of the balance due and that it has been turned over to a licensed collection agency. After the letter is mailed out, the collection professional will attempt to contact the debtor by phone in order to resolve the balance. If mail is returned due to a bad address or phone lines have been disconnected, the collector will proceed to search our database for any new information we may have on that debtor from another provider and also send out a skip-trace search for any updated contact information.

Legal action and representation

Atlantic Collection Agency is equipped with an in-house legal department. In the event that a debtor has the means to pay a balance but chooses not to, our office is able to bring legal action against the debtor to resolve the balance. Our attorneys gather all relevant information available about the debtor and sue for either a court ordered wage garnishment or lien against assets. We pay all court costs and attorney fees; no court expenses are ever passed onto our clients.

Insurance Reprocessing

Far too often medical bills that should be covered by insurance companies are left unpaid due to minor billing errors or incorrect insurance information provided by the patient. ACA follows up with all claims submitted to an insurance company and investigates the reason why the claim was denied. If we find the claim was submitted incorrectly or submitted to the wrong insurance we will reprocess and submit the claim from our office. Our claims department is entirely HIPPA compliant.

Automated payments by credit card or check

If debtors are unable to pay balances in full they are strongly encouraged to enroll in our auto-pay system. With auto-pay we are able to either charge credit cards or generate checks from our office for the agreed upon amount on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. This capability increases collection rates because it eliminates the need for debtors to send in payments or remember to submit regular payments themselves, effectively preventing delayed payments and excuses like “it’s in the mail.”

Pre-collection services

2nd placement collections

After an account has been worked by another agency but not collected you may choose to transfer the account to our office; we will review it and proceed with the collection services we believe will be effective.

Secure account downloads

Atlantic Collection Agency uses a secure FTP site for all file transfers done over the internet. We also accept accounts submitted to our agency by regular mail.
Debtor asset searches
Daily system backups of all account information
Extended business hours and evening phone coverage
In office or over the phone interpreters for Spanish, French, and Polish
No start-up fees, always commission based collections
No minimum account balances